Multi-language Conference system over IP

Multi-language Conference system over IP
Product Name : Multi-language Conference system over IP
Product Description

Model No. AVK-920

The AVK-920 is a perfect solution for the multi-language interpreting conference room. Unlike other current interpreting system supports audio only, the AVK-920 system integrates Audio & Video together.

The AVK-920 consists of a Transmitter (AV-920T) and multiple Receivers (AV-920R). The Speaker on the rostrum is recommended to equip with an AV-920T transmitter that connects to a microphone and PC (or any device with VGA/DVI/Audio outputs). The AV-920T will convert Speaker's audio and video into digital and then stream out to the Ethernet IP network. The interpreters need to equip with an AV-920R that connects to a microphone/headset (optional with LCD monitor display) to listen and interpret. All of audiences just simply equipped with an AV-920R that connects with a headset and an optional display.

The audience can simply select either original Speaker or any Interpreter by Numeric Keypad which connected to the AV-920R. An OSD (On Screen Display) interface menu is available for selecting language while using Numeric Keypad. The system is fully compatible with standard 100M, Giga or Fiber Ethernet LAN switching HUB/router. It is not necessary to have a dedicated line for the AVK-920. Just plug into the existing Ethernet network then you can enjoy the real time multi-language interpreting conference function with high quality audio and video contents.

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    Product Character


    • Pure digital, eliminate audio/video analog ground loop problem.
    • Runs on top of standard Ethernet, easy install, easy maintain, easy upgrade.
    • Includes DVI/VGA HD video, the system not only support audio, but also support video transfer.
    • Easy use, very easy to select desired language channel by Keypad with OSD menu.
    • Up to 9 interpreters can be assigned in the system.
    • Pure Hardware, Plug n Play design.


    Model No. AV-920T Transmitter AV-920R Receiver
    Connector DVI+VGA Input 1 N/A
    DVI+VGA Output N/A 1
    VGA Output 1 N/A
    Power 1 x DC plug (+5V DC Input)
    Ethernet 1 x RJ45 Female
    Audio Input: 3.5 mm 1 N/A
    Audio Output: 3.5 mm 1 1
    Microphone Input: 3.5 mm N/A 1
    Keyboard & Mouse - 1 x PS2 KB
    LED Power 1(Green) -
    Resolution Up to 1920X1080
    Cable CAT5/5e or CAT6
    Power Consumption DC 5.0V; 1.0A
    Environment Operating Temp. 0~70°C
    Storage Temp. -20~85°C
    Humidity 0~80% Non-condensing
    Housing Metal (Black)
    Weight 380g (0.84 lbs) 120g (0.26 lbs)
    Dimension 14Wx 9.3Dx 3.2H cm 5.9W x 6.3D x 2.5H cm


    Ordering Information:

    • AV-920T: Transmitter unit for Speaker.
    • AV-920R: Receiver unit for Interpreter / Audience.
    • KV-908: Standard Mini Keypad for Language selection (Optional)