• SMPTE SDI based HDMI with Power over UTP Extender

Model : AV-9612

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The AV-9612 is a long reach HDMI extender supporting Advanced Video Transport (AVT) technology with visually lossless digital video compression. It also supports uncompressed video transmission and is compatible with SMPTE SD-SDI/ HD-SDI and 3G-SDI, supports most VESA and HDTV video formats up to HD 1080p50/60.

The AV-9612 includes AV-9612T (Transmitter) and AV-9612R (Receiver). The Transmitter/Receiver comes with one HDMI input/output ports for the HDMI video sources and screens. The Receiver employs serial data adaptation engine which automatically adjusts data. AV-9612 provides Power over Cable; it can be powered either by the Transmitter or Receiver site and the other site does not need external DC power adapter. The Receiver employs serial data adaptation engine which automatically adjusts data equalization based on cable quality and cable length up to CAT6 120 meters in 1080p, or 150 meters in 720p.


Model No. AV-9612T AV-9612R
Transmitter Receiver
Connectors HDMI Input 1 N/A
HDMI Output
N/A 1

RJ-45 Input

N/A 1
RJ-45 Output 1 N/A
Serial data rate
AVT compressed video: 135Mbps - 742.5Mbps
Uncompressed video: 270Mbps, 742.5Mbps, 1.485Gbps, 2.970Gbps
Video formats
AVT compressed video: 720x576p50, 720x480p60, 640x480p60/75, 800x600p60/75, 1024x768p60/75, 1280x800p60, 1280x1024p60, 1440x900p60, 1680x1050p60, 1280x720p25/30/50/60, 1920x1080p25/30/50/60.
Uncompressed video: SD 525i/ 625i, HD 720p 24/25/30/50/60, HD 1080i 50/60, HD 1080p 24/25/30/50/60.
Cable Type CAT 5e / 6 / 7
Support bi-direction audio Yes
Audio Support Format
Downstream direction: I2S master/slave, SPDIF slave, 4 channels, 8/16/24/32/44.1/48/96K sample per second, 16/20/24 bits per sample.
Upstream direction: I2S master/slave, 1 channel, 8K sample per second, 16 bits per sample.
Cable Distance 1080p: 120 meters, 720p: 150 meters
Operation Temperature
-2 0 ~840°C
Storage Temperature
-40 ~1250°C
0~90% Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Metal chassis with mounting holes
110 g
Dimension (L x W x H)
85mm x 75mm x 30mm
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Compatible with SMPTE SD-SDI/ HD-SDI/3G-SDI.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Supports most VESA and HDTV video formats up to HD 1080p50/60.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Supports configurable serial data rate from 135Mbps to 2.975Gbps.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Supports forward error correction for compressed video.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Supports Power over Cable (PoC).

Supports 9 ~ 32V industrial input power range.

proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Supports Plug-and-Play, EDID, Hot-Plug Detection (HPD), HDCP.