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Beacon Extender Inc. develops HDMI extenderHDMI/DVI over IP extenderKvm extender and CAT5 KVM Switches, Audio/Video distribution system for Digital Signage market, ready for distribution or OEM modification.

As one of rather few software development companies in Taiwan, Beacon began to develop its own networking product line in 1983. Throughout the 1980s and early 90s, Beacon added the hardware component to its development. As the hardware strategy proved successful, Beacon developed its own proprietary multimedia educational network system. In the 21st century, Beacon continues to provide latest-generation, UTP-based hardware and software for all kinds of business, Computer Based Training, and educational envrionments.

Beacon is one of the founding members of the Network Consortium of Taiwan, and has also been the recipient of a number of coveted awards, including the National Award for Excellence in Software presented by Taiwan's President Lee Teng-Hui in December of 1995.


  • KVM Switches and Extenders 
    Our CAT5 UTP KVM Switch system offers flexible, high-quality control of multiple PCs or servers from a single keyboard/monitor/mouse station. With our proprietary video enhancement technology, servers can be up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the console. And since it is compatible with other brands of KVM switches, it makes an excellent KVM Console extender for existing configurations.
  • AV and Digital Signage 
    With Beacon's CAT5 AV Solution you can broadcast a single video screen, with sound, to multiple remote monitors at distances up to 300m (1000ft) away. The system includes a central control unit at the broadcast source, and a choice of remote units for the remote monitor locations. Each remote unit is connected via a single, easily installed CAT5 cable, reducing cable clutter. Truly a plug and play solution.
  • Computer Based Training 
    WinSchool Twister UTP networking transforms a computer classroom into a powerful educational medium with multimedia, interactive, and networked instruction.
  • Digital Language Lab system
    Use DigiStudio to remotely observe, broadcast, and control student workstations. Monitor student progress and keep in constant communication. DigiStudio is perfect for public and private schools, colleges, universities, corporate training centers, and other institutions in which computer laboratory style learning is used.


Beacon has matured into a robust contender in both local and international markets, including Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. Beacon continues its growth with offices in Taipei and Mainland China. Currently, Beacon is seeking international partnerships, distributorships, and OEM relationships.

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