• AV-952x RS232 Device Control

AV-952x RS232 Device Control

Use AV 952x Receiver Hotkey OSD Menu to take control of any RS232 device that sits on the AV 952x Transmitter site .
Model : AV-952x-232DC

Many kinds of Audio/Video equipment provide RS 232 or TCP/IP port s. This application note contains information for how to

utilize the AV 952x Receiver Hotkey OSD Menu to take control of any RS232 device that sit s on the AV-952x Transmitter site . 
RS-232 device: HV-811
Input ports: 8 HDMI inputs with maximum resolution 1080p.
Output port: 1 HDMI output with maximum resolution 3840x2160@30Hz.
Control port: RS-232, Baud Rate 115200, 8-n-1, Phoenix 3-pin connector.

Setting port: RJ-45 Ethernet, IP: