All the Dual head extenders is based on IP Ethernet. According to the method of transmitting which includes over Ethernet IP, over optical fiber, and 4K high resolution.

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Dual Head DVI/VGA USB KVM Extender over SFP Optical Fiber

Dual Head DVI/VGA USB KVM Ex...

Model : DV-95F252

The DV-95F252 is a perfect solution for Dual head DVI/VGA + Audio USB KVM Extender over SFP Optical Fiber. The system includes DV-95F252T Dual head Transmitter and DV-95F252R Dual head Receiver. The Transmitter connects to PC’s 2 DVI/VGA, Audio, and USB; the Receiver connects to 2 DVI/VGA displays, speaker, microphone, and USB devices. The solution is based on the standard of LC or SC, SM or MM, Single core SFP Fiber-Optic module (1.25Gbps up).