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Model : DV-201

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The DV-201 is a simple, easy to install, easy operation, pure hardware based HDMI/DVI computer classroom system. With non-compressed digital transmission technology, it achieves crisp, razor sharp, real time video image and high quality HDMI audio Broadcasting from Teacher to Students.

HV-814 (4-port HDMI Splitter)
HV-814 front view
HV-814 rear view
HV-814 (4-port HDMI Splitter with Repeater)

HV-814 (Splitter with Repeater) front view
HV-814 (Splitter with Repeater) rear view
DV-201T (Teacher Box)
DV-201T front view
DV-201T rear view
DV-201S (Student Box)
DV-201S front view
DV-201S rear view
DV-582U (Teacher Tap Switch)

proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png One touch for Teacher to broadcast DVI /HDMI (with audio) to all students.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Pure hardware, Plug-and-Play, no software driver is need, works without student PC.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Star topology, any student box connect/disconnect will not influence the whole system.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Support 1920 x 1080
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Compatible with HDMI and DVI.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Firmware upgradable.
DV-201 wiring diagram
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