Successful Installation

For Media distribution

Applications 1. Distributing the multimedia content to he classrooms (all, group and specified classroom) such as News, English listening content. 2. Broadcasting the instant message to the classrooms (all, group and specified classroom) instead of the sound bell broadcasting,which reduces the noise to the effect of surrounding environment. Related Models:DV-9525,DV-9525-PoE ...

For Surveillance

Residential Building- Taipei, Taiwan Model: DV-9510T/R, Quantities: Transmitter x 5, Receiver x 15 Applications: 1. The content of DVRs distributes to the management center and guard desk. 2. Remote control the servers and DVRs of the back-end with the built-in KVM matrix. Related Models: DV-9525, DV-9525-PoE ...

For Conference Center

MACKY Medical College InternationalConference Center - Taiwan Related Models: DV-9510, DV-9525, DV-9525-PoE

For Control Center

Shin Chung Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Taiwan Model: AV-950T/R, Quantities: Transmitter x 15, Receiver x 15, Integrated with Crestron CP2 Related Models: DV-9525, AV-9520, AV-9521, DP-9521 iPad Control Console Windows Control Console ...

For Airport

Istanbul-ataturk Airport baggage claim Related Models: DV-9510, DV-9525, DV-9525-PoE, DV-95F25 Istanbul-ataturk Airport Terminal Istanbul-Sabiha Airport Terminal

For Bus

Dual screens - Sweden City Line Related Model: DV-814, DV-9525PoE

For Call Center

AssisTT CallCenter - Istanbul Related Models: DV-9510, DV-9525, DV-9525-PoE, DV-95F25

For Metro Station

Subway Station - Turkey Istanbul Model: AV-950T/R & DV-95F25T/R, Quantities: 125 displays in 5 stations Related Models: DV-9525, DV-95F25, DV-9525-PoE Metro Station - Istanbul

For Shopping Mall

Akmerkez Shopping Mall - Istanbul Related Models: DV-9510, DV-9525, DV-9525PoE Astoria Shopping-mall Istanbul Capacity Shopping Mall - Istanbul Gebze Center Shopping Mall - Kocaeli Istinye Park Shopping...