Beacon CAT5 AV Extenders catinclude AV-700 and mV-101 series.

The AV-700 series are designed with high bandwidth Amplifier, Equalizer and RGB Skew compensation, plus S/PDIF streaming technology to extend  Audio +  RS232 + VGA over cat5e a single UTP cable up to 300 meters (1000 feet) resulting Razor Sharp video and digital quality of Stereo Audio.

The mV-101 series are Zero Footprint, Self-Powered and extremely lower power design. The mV-101T + mV-101R are designed to be powered directly from the VGA source and transmitting VGA video up to 150 meters. The mV-108T is a multi port Transmitter that can co-work with the power-less mV-101R.

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VGA Extender over CAT5

VGA Extender over CAT5

Model : mV-101


VGA/Audio/RS-232 Extender Kit over Cat5

VGA/Audio/RS-232 Extender Ki...

Model : AVK-70Z-R111

VGA Extender Kit over Cat5

VGA Extender Kit over Cat5

Model : AVK-70Z-101

VGA Transmitter over Cat5

VGA Transmitter over Cat5

Model : AV-702Z-114VA-118VA

VGA extender with Audio over Cat5

VGA extender with Audio over...

Model : AVK-70Z-S111

VGA extender over Cat5

VGA extender over Cat5

Model : AVK-70Z-V101

VGA Extender over Cat5 with Stereo Audio

VGA Extender over Cat5 with ...

Model : AV-70Z-111

VGA over CAT5 Extender/Transmitter

VGA over CAT5 Extender/Trans...

Model : mV-108T & mV-116T